Bullet Scan Quality Diagnostics


This application implements bullet scan quality measures for scanned x3p bullet land files. The definitions are given below. On the right, the target and ideal bullets can be compared visually, as well as graphically with plots of their respective distributions across the quality measures.

Bullet Selection

To assess the quality of a target bullet, select it from the list below. The target bullet is sorted such that the worst bullets are first. The ideal bullets are the reverse, with best bullets coming first. Choose a subsampling factor which will make rendering the surfaces quicker.



cc: The location of the ideal cross-cut. Ideal is at around an x value of 100.

height_diff: The difference in heights of the max x value and the middle x value. Ideally should be 0.

perc_na: The percentage of missing values in the surface. Ideally 0.

perc_outlier: The percentage of outliers detected in the surface. Ideal 0.

range_value: The range (max - min) of the height values in the surface.

range_x: The range (max - min) of the x values in the surface.

range_y: The range (max - min) of the y values in the surface.

score: The sum of squares score assessing the bullet quality. 0 is best, 1 is worst.

shoulder_diff: The difference in heights of the shoulders, if detected. Ideal 0

Bullet Surfaces

Below you will see your bullet (beginning at x = 0) plotted against an 'ideal' bullet.

Metric Distributions


Quality Table